Your Government

  1. Charter & Ordinances

    Find city charter chapters, city ordinance chapters, and zoning ordinance sections.

  2. Transparency

    The City of West St. Paul takes pride in having government transparency, by providing access to city government budgets, reports, agendas, and minutes.

  3. City Council

    Meet the Mayor and City Council.

  4. Departments

    Learn about the departments that serve West St. Paul and the services they provide.

  5. Agendas & Minutes

    Easily find and search for agendas and minutes from various boards, commissions, and committees.

  6. Boards & Commissions

    Find information on the boards and commissions of West St. Paul, including member information and agendas and minutes.

  7. Elections

    Be a part of the voting process and stay up to date on election news.

  8. City Hall

    See where the West St. Paul's Municipal Center is located

  9. Road Construction

  10. Robert St. Improvements

    Get updates, timelines and news regarding the Robert St. Improvement Project