City Hall Project History

Early 2011
In early 2011, the City Council set up a committee, the City Hall Building Committee, made up of selected city staff and council to review the current City Hall building and come up with a recommendation for the future of the building. The City Hall Building Committee first met in February 2011 and began by reviewing the current state of the building and looking at past studies / reports on the building. In late spring, the committee recommended that staff hire a consultant to complete a needs assessment for the City Hall building. Shortly thereafter, the city hired BKV Group, an architectural design firm, to complete the Needs Assessment Study. The final study (below) was received by the City Council at their August 22, 2011 meeting.

Following the completion of the needs assessment study, the City Council hired the professional management company of Amcon in September 2011 to assist the City in providing project management services on the future City Hall project. In January 2012, the city hired an architectural design team led by Collaborative Design Group (CDG) for the design of the future project.

Initial Design
The initial City Hall design concept was for a new, stand-alone City Hall building (approximately 17,000 square feet) to house all administration (non-police) staff along with a new Council Chambers. The existing City Hall building would then be completely renovated with the Police Department, expanding to take over all of the existing building. The cost estimate on this initial concept was received by the City Council in July 2012 and showed that this concept would cost $11.4 million. This was well over the previous Needs Study estimate of $7.4 million. Based on this, the council directed the design team to come up with a less costly option.

In August 2012, the City Council was presented with a second design option. The major difference from the initial concept was that the new City Hall building would now be an addition vs. a stand-alone building and the size was reduced to approximately 15,000 square feet. The cost estimate for the second option was $9.4 million. The council directed staff to further develop this second option.

December 2012
In December 2012, the council reviewed the plans for the second option. There were concerns raised about the reduced size in both the City Hall addition and the Police remodel. Based on this, the Council gave staff direction to increase the planned size of the building to allow sufficient space. The budget was also increased to $11 million.

February 2013
In February 2013, the City Council wanted to consider another option for the project. This option includes demolition of all or a portion of the existing City Hall building and constructing a new building for both City Hall administration staff and police staff. The Council directed staff to have a financial plan put together to look at various budget options for the City Hall project.

The financial plan, prepared by the city’s financial consultant, Ehlers and Associates, was presented to the council at their May 13, 2013 work session meeting. After review and discussion, the council settled on a project budget of $11 million for the City Hall project. At the same meeting, the council decided to part ways with the project manager (Amcon) and architect design team (CDG) on the project. The council then delayed any further work on the City Hall project for a period of 120 days until the new city manager was hired.