Yard Waste and Composting


It is illegal in Minnesota, to place yard (grass, leaves, small brush, and plant materials) and tree waste in with your household garbage. (Reprinted from Dakota County Environmental Management Department)

Several compost sites are located in Dakota County that will accept yard waste from West St. Paul residents.

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Requirements for Backyard Composting in West St. Paul

Composting at home is a better way to deal with food and yard waste rather than trucking it miles away for processing, plus the finished product will be beneficial to your garden!

What are the size requirements for a compost bin? Composting shall be conducted within an enclosed container(s) not to exceed:

  1. A total of 100 cubic feet in volume for city lots of 10,000 square feet or less.
  2. A total of 150 cubic feet in volume for city lots greater than 10,000 square feet.

Where should compost bins be located? The compost bin should be located in the rear yard placed no closer than 30 feet to any habitable building, 20 feet from the street on a corner lot and at least 5 feet from the side/rear yard lines.

What material should be used to make a compost bin? Containers should be of durable material such as: wood, plastic, fiber glass and metal fencing materials.

What can be placed in a compost bin? Only Organic Waste, including Food and Yard Waste, wood, ash, straw, and commercially available compost ingredients to accelerate composting may be place in the compost container.

What cannot be placed in a compost bin? Meat, bones, whole eggs, dairy products, unshredded branches or logs, weeds heavily loaded with seeds, plastic, synthetic fiber, human or pet wastes, diseased plants and any other Mixed Municipal Solid Waste.

How should the compost bin be maintained? Compost bins should be properly managed to minimize odor generation and promote effective decomposition of the material.

Residents' removal of tree and yard waste

Call your rubbish hauler to arrange for pick-up or take yard & tree waste to a compost site. Two compost sites are close to WSP: South St. Paul Compost Site: 651-554-3260 and Gertens Retail Site: 651-450-1501. Call first for hours of operation, materials accepted and if there is a fee.