Rental Licensing

2015 Rental Ordinance Changes

The primary changes are as follows:

  1. MetCouncil Inflow and Infiltration Compliance Program, all rental properties must complete a sewer connection inspection and make any necessary repairs.
  2. Adoption of the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) as the guiding document for all rental inspections. 
  3. Elimination of the third party inspection process and implementation of a new in-house city inspection process.
  4. Elimination of the third party and alternative inspection reports, with the exception of the HUD, Housing Choice Voucher inspection reports.
  5. Implementation of mandatory Phase I: Management/Owner Training.
  6. Implementation of a tiered fee system.
  7. Changing the license term to a rolling calendar.  You will be notified as to your specific license term in advance.


Please contact City Staff if you have any questions regarding rental licensing or inspections at (651) 552-4137 or