Compliance Letter

Receiving a Letter

Before issuing an administrative citation, the city can issue a compliance letter outlining the nature of the violation and compliance deadline.

If you receive a compliance letter:

  • Please do not panic. A compliance letter is a list of items that need to be corrected. Receiving a compliance letter is not the end of the world; it merely means your property needs some attention. A compliance date is the date by which you need to have the items remedied or by which you must make other arrangements with the city.
  • Please do not ignore it. Ignoring a compliance letter will not make the violation(s) go away. Citations and property abatement are the city’s method of last resort. The city wants to work with residents to resolve their maintenance issues. Unfortunately, if a property owner is unwilling to comply, the city is left with few options.
  • Do read all of the compliance materials. Many of your questions are answered in the compliance letter materials.
  • Do take Responsibility and action. Make arrangements and begin work early enough to complete the work on time. If needed, investigate financial resources.

If you are unable to complete all of the required work by the compliance date, please call the staff person listed on the compliance letter for an extension to avoid further action. City staff can work with owners to resolve the violation, including, but not limited to offering reasonable extensions for compliance.