Finance Activites

  • Administer all insurance policies and act as the city's risk management department
  • Issue and manage all bonded debt of the city
  • Maintain all accounting records of the city of West St. Paul
  • Manage and invest the city's portfolio of available cash funds
  • Oversee the preparation of the city's Annual Budget and monitoring its implementation during the year
  • Prepare the city's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) in accordance with all relevant financial reporting guidelines
  • Supervise the collections, safekeeping, and disbursement of the city monies
  1. 2023
  2. 2022
  3. 2021
  4. 2020
  5. 2019
  6. Previous Years


The Property Tax Levy necessary to fund City operations each year is determined during the annual budget process. The Property Tax Levy includes funds for general operations, debt service, and other special levies for specific purposes. On December 12th, 2022, the City Council adopted a tax levy of $19,755,031 for 2023. "Where does the City spend this money?" is often asked. Here is a breakdown:

General Fund/Community Events/Insurance$14,372,914
Debt Service$3,525,002
Recreational Athletic Center (DOME) Debt$231,283
Ice Arena$184,864
Swimming Pool$75,564
TOTAL LEVY$19,755,031
South Metro Fire Truck, Construction Cone, Park, WSPPD Vehicle

Monthly/Annual Payment for City Services

What does all this mean you may ask? Well, let’s break these numbers down a bit further. Below is a monthly annual payment for City Services on a residential home with a taxable market value of $236,100. This is adjusted by the market value exclusion credit of ($15,991) for a market value of $220,109. The City tax portion only for 2022 is $1,482. See below the city services this tax levy provides for:

BudgetLevy%Monthly payment for City Services on a residential homeAnnual payment for City Services on a residential home
Public Safety10,819,0239,103,98646.08%56.91682.97
(see list below)
Street Maintenance/
Neighborhood Streets
Parks & Rec Maintenance777,506777,5063.94%4.8658.33
Parks & Rec Infrastructure1,209,000-0.00%--
Parks & Rec Enterprise2,869,720491,7112.49%3.0736.89
Other Infrastructure/
TOTAL BUDGET/LEVY$42,667,522$19,755,031100%--
City Services---$123.50$1,482

Debt Service

The below table is a list of debt obligations the City currently has outstanding. The City has issued debt to fund projects such as annual street projects, building the Dome, and Harmon Park.

ProjectIssuedLast Payment Year
Harmon Park20142035
Dome (Refunded 2012B)20212033
Street Projects of 201220122023
Street Projects of 201520152023
Robert Street20142030
Robert Street20162032
Robert Street20172033
Robert Street20182034

Understanding Property Taxes