Special Permits or Licenses for Animals

110.02 Trades, Professions, Businesses, and Privileges Requiring Licenses (A) (2) Animals:

(a) Cats;
(b) Dogs;
(c) Dangerous dogs;
(d) Exceeding number of animals permit; and
(e) Exotic animals permit

Dangerous Dogs & Other Dangerous Animals

Refer to our website page above, for information and city ordinances regarding dangerous animals.

Exceeding Number of Animals Permit

A total of 3 dogs or cats or a combination thereof, that are over 4 months of age, are allowed per residential premise. You will need a special permit if you want more.  Refer to city ordinance:

Exotic Animals Permit

Refer to city ordinances:

Other Animals

For special permits for other animals, view the following city ordinance:

Pre-license Inspection

A pre-license inspection is required for special animal permits.  Refer to city ordinances:

If you have questions about special permits regarding animals, please contact Nicole Tillander / City Clerk.  Email:  ntillander@wspmn.gov or phone:  651-552-4202.