Animal Nuisance Issues

Noisy Animals

To report a noisy animal, call 651-322-2323 when the noise is occurring. Officers must hear the noise, in person, at the location.  Refer to city ordinances:

Domestic Animals Running Loose

Dogs and cats must be fenced or on a leash and accompanied by a responsible party.  Pets that are not effectively contained within a fence area must be restrained by a chain or leash not to exceed 6-feet in length.  Your pet cannot run loose outside of a fenced area. If found loose, your pet could be impounded
 Refer to city ordinances:

If you see a domestic animal running loose, you can call the West St. Paul non-emergency number of 651-322-2323; ask for the West St. Paul Animal Control.

Animal Litter

Whoever accompanies a pet is required to pick up any messes the pet may make, and properly dispose of it. 

  • The owner of any dog or cat or any person having the custody or control of any dog or cat is responsible for cleaning up any feces of the animal and disposing of the feces in a sanitary manner.  A person who owns, keeps or harbors a dog or cat must not allow or cause the dog or cat to be on property other than the owner's own property, without having the tools or equipment in their immediate possession that are suitable for the removal of animal fecal material.  All fecal materials deposited by the dog or cat must be properly and effectively removed from the ground surface and deposited in a sanitary manner.
  • Refer to city ordinance 90.03 Cleaning Up of Litter
  • Come across a yard with a large amount of pet feces? Call the Hotline for Property Complaints at 651-552-4114 or email Code Enforcement.
  • What if my pet messes in a city park?  Refer to city ordinance: 93.08 Domestic Animals (4)

Nuisance Wildlife

Stray Cat Help - Animal Ark No-kill Shelter

Questions? Call 651-322-2323 and ask for West St. Paul Animal Control