Domestic Animals in Parks

Domestic Animals in Parks

  • The the purpose of this section, the definition of a domestic animal means a dog or cat. Refer to city ordinance 93.03 Definitions.
  • For the rules and regulations that govern the presence of domestic animals in a park located in the City of West St. Paul view 93.08 Domestic Animals.

Pets Need to be on a Leash in City Parks

  • Refer to city ordinances in section Domestic animals running loose.
  • If you see an animal running loose in a park, you can call the West St. Paul non-emergency number of 651-322-2323, ask for the West St. Paul Animal Control.

Pick up Your Pet's Litter

  • Whoever accompanies a pet in a park is required to pick up any messes the pet may make and properly dispose of it.
  • Refer to the section Animal Litter.

Off-Leash Dog Parks

  • There is not an off-leash dog area in the City of West St. Paul. The closest off-leash dog park to West St. Paul is the Kaposia Landing Off-Leash Dog Area (PDF) located at 800 Bryant Avenue in the City of South St. Paul.
  • To find other off-leash dog parks in the Twin Cities area, view Dog Park Links. Be sure to check with the individual cities that have off-leash dog parks for their requirements to use their dog parks.