Predatory Offenders

Minnesota predatory offender laws have been created in order for the public be provided adequate notice and information about predatory offenders who have been or are about to be released from custody. Residents who partner with their local police department are better able to develop constructive plans to educate themselves and their family members for the offender's release.

The public risk posed by a predatory offender is assessed by a committee of experts, after which the offender is given a risk level by the Department of Corrections. Information about the offender, including their risk level, is sent to the local law enforcement agency having primary jurisdiction over the area in which the offender plans to reside. The assigned risk level determines to whom law enforcement may disclose information to.

William Kibble Jr.

Pursuant to Minnesota State Statute, our police department will be releasing information regarding a Level III predatory offender (William Kibble Jr.) who will be moving into our community in the 1000 block of Livingston Avenue. Our police department takes an aggressive role in monitoring predatory offenders and sharing information about offenders with our residents as the law permits. We strongly believe a well-informed public makes for a safer community.

Attached is a “Frequently Asked Questions” flyer about predatory offenders to help you better understand information surrounding predatory offenders and the disclosure rules that apply to their conduct and their choice of residency.

Public Community Notification Meeting 
 March 2nd
 Salem Lutheran Church
 11 Bernard Street W., West St. Paul

During this meeting criminal justice professionals will be providing predatory offender information and answering questions. I encourage you to take part in this meeting. (Habrá una presentación breve en español. Para obtener información adicional, póngase en contacto con Ana January 651-552-4218.)

The Community Notification Law can be an empowering tool. As previously stated, it allows law enforcement agencies to inform their residents. Information helps residents be aware, be cautious and be safe. This information is not intended to cause undue fear or inappropriate actions such as harassing the offender.

Community Notification Act: English - Spanish - Hmong - Somali

Listed below are several informational websites to learn more about the Community Notification Law as it pertains to predatory offenders.

Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA)

United States Department of Justice

National Sex Offender Registry

Minnesota Department of Corrections (MN DOC)

Click on Search for Offenders and Fugitives

While I encourage you to attend the meeting to become informed, if you have specific questions about this particular predatory offender or our Predatory Offender Registration Program, please contact Investigator Daniel Cook at 651-552-4238. If you need further information on our Neighborhood Watch Program, contact Crime Prevention Specialist Laura Vaughan at 651-552-4235.

 Manilla Shaver
 Chief of Police