West St. Paul Animal Control Services 

West St. Paul Animal Control Services are part of the West St. Paul Police Department and are responsible for dogs and animals that pose a public health risk, as well as injured or dangerous wild animals.

Domestic Animals
 The WSP Police Department is responsible for responding to service calls regarding domestic animals.  Officers are trained to capture and deal with domestic animals; those animals that are supposed to be licensed.  Refer to city ordinances:
Injured Wild Animals and Wild Animals that Pose a Risk to the Public
The WSP Police Department is responsible for responding to service calls regarding wild animals that are injured or pose a risk to the public.  When an animal poses a safety concern to residents, residents are encouraged to contact the Police Department:
  • 651-552-4200 (non-emergency)
  • 911 (emergency
Nuisance Wildlife
The WSP Police Department recognizes there are a number of wild animals living within our community that can be a nuisance: raccoons, skunks, and coyotes to name a few.  Wild nuisance animals are usually dealt with by animal specialists.  For further information, see the Nuisance Wildlife section in Fishing & Wildlife in WSP

Impounded Animals

The City of West St. Paul contracts with the South St. Paul Animal Hospital to hold found animals at their impound facility.  If your pet is wearing their West St. Paul pet license tag, the police will notify the owner.
Why would an animal be impounded?
  • All dogs that are not effectively contained within a fenced area, or are not under owner control, are subject to impoundment by the police. 
  • Refer to city ordinances found in the section Domestic Animals Running Loose.   
  • If you see a domestic animal running loose, you can call the West St. Paul non-emergency number of 651-322-2323, ask for the West St. Paul Animal Control.
For more information regarding impounding, refer to the following city ordinances:
Where are impounded animals kept?
  • Animals impounded by the WSP Police Department are taken to South Saint Paul Animal Hospital, located at 501 N. Concord St., South St. Paul, MN 55075.  Call for their hours open: 651-455-5897.
  • South Saint Paul Animal Hospital does charge an impound fee and the owners of the animal are responsible for this fee as well as any other necessary charges incurred by the animal.
  • After a certain amount of time, unclaimed pets they feel are adoptable, are listed on a Facebook account set up by the South St. Paul Animal Hospital staff, to try and find good homes, or rescue groups for the animals.

Report Animal Abuse

Visit the Humane Society of the United States to find information about spotting animal abuse and/or neglect and how to report it.

Note: If the situation is dire and time is of the essence, call 911. Otherwise you can call 651-322-2323 to report animal cruelty.