West St. Paul Patrol division is made up of approximately 22 sworn officers which include 4 sergeants, 18 patrol officers and 4 part-time non-sworn Community Service Officers (CSO). The patrol division is the backbone of the police department. The patrol division is made up of the most highly-trained, well-qualified and self-motivated individuals in law enforcement. All of West St. Paul's officers go through a rigorous 6-8 month FTO training with continuous training throughout their careers. It is important to the department that all officers are well trained to help protect and service our community.     

A work day for the patrol division is divided up into three shifts which overlap to allow coverage throughout the cities of West St. Paul and Sunfish Lake. Patrol Officers work a nine and a half hour- six days on four days off rotations allowing for 24/7 coverage with overlapping shifts during times in which calls for service are at their highest demand. Officers respond to all types of calls for service and will conduct the initial criminal investigation and documents the incident prior to sending the case to the investigative division for further follow up.    

The West St. Paul Police Department understands the importance of relating to the needs of our community therefore in 2005 the patrol division developed an area officer map to focus on the needs of our residents and community problems. These problems are not only criminal offenses but problems that affect the quality life of our residents such as neighborhood disputes and animal issues.


Body-worn Cameras

Portable Audio/Video Recorders (better known as body-worn cameras or body-cams) are worn by all patrol officers during their shifts. To read West St. Paul Police Department's Portable Audio/Video Recorders policy, click here.

Officer Area Map Blank


To email an Officer or Sergeant, click their name below:

Area 1
Officer Kemp | Officer Forsberg | Sergeant Windschitl

Area 2
Nick Mincks  | Officer Cook | Sergeant Sewald

Area 3
Officer Baumeister | Officer Mandel | Sergeant Windschitl 

Area 4
Officer Williams | Officer Wilkinson | Sergeant Muellner

Area 5
Officer McCarty | Sergeant Sewald 

Area 6
Officer Ellringer | Officer Forster | Sergeant Sass

In addition to these six segments, West St. Paul Police also patrol specialty areas.

Sunfish Lake
Sergeant Muellner

Robert Street Businesses
Officer Melville | Sergeant Sass

On-Sale Liquor Establishments
Officer Marrero | Sergeant Muellner 


  1. Canine Unit
  2. Traffic Officer
  3. Community Engagement Officer
  4. Arson Investigator
  5. SWAT Team

Currently the West St. Paul Police Department has a K9 officer named Cecil. The canine unit is a primary patrol unit and provides assistance in tracking and apprehending suspects, conducting area searches for evidence, and has the ability to search for missing persons under some circumstances. Our canine unit also assists our neighboring agencies when needs arise.

Several public demonstrations are conducted throughout the year to show the skills and abilities of the team. Keep an eye out for events where you can meet K9 Stanley!