2019 Street Improvements - Project #19-1

Update (5/1/2020)

Livingston Avenue: Thompson Avenue to Mendota Road

-Crews will begin work next week to make any necessary repairs and stripe the roadway. Expect this work to occur intermittently through May. For everyone’s safety please be alert when driving through the project area.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

Ross Beckwith, City Engineer, at rbeckwith@wspmn.gov or 651-552-4130.

Description of Project

The project covers Livingston Avenue from Mendota Road stretching north to Thompson Avenue in West St. Paul. Livingston Avenue is proposed to receive full reconstruction and utility improvements. Proposed improvements along Livingston Avenue from Mendota Road to Thompson Avenue include complete reconstruction of bituminous-surfaced streets and replacement of concrete curb and gutter; extension of pedestrian sidewalk facilities; replacement of water main services; lining of sanitary sewer services; upgrade of storm sewer network; concrete apron reconstruction; and street lighting upgrade and extension.

The City of West St. Paul uses a Pavement Management System to rate the pavement condition of existing public streets. Each section of street is given a Pavement Condition Index (PCI), which takes into account road distress data. Streets with a PCI of 45-65 require a rehabilitation, and streets with a rating of 65-100 require only maintenance. Ratings were taken along Livingston Avenue were taken in 2015 and 2016. At the time of study, the PCI ranged from 13 to 51. Considering time has passed since the field investigation, ratings in 2018 are estimated to range from 0 to 48 along Livingston Avenue. As such, Livingston Avenue is in need of full reconstruction.

Livingston Avenue will be reconstructed to a nine-ton design standard, which will include five inches of bituminous pavement (two inches wearing course and three inches non-wearing course), eight inches of class V aggregate base, and twelve inches of select granular base. Additionally, subsurface drain tile will also be added as part of the design. During construction, if areas of poor soil conditions are discovered, the soil will be removed and replaced with select granular borrow. The existing concrete curb and gutter and driveway aprons will be removed and replaced with concrete. The street width is expected to remain 36 feet wide the entire length of the corridor.

Proposed sanitary sewer improvements include full length cured-in-place (CIPP) lining, casting/cover replacement and I/I barrier installation of all sanitary sewer manholes.

Proposed water main improvements include full replacement with ductile iron pipe. All hydrants, valves, and fittings will also be replaced. Service lines will be investigated and replaced on an as-warranted basis.

The existing storm sewer catch basins will also be replaced in conjunction with the reconstruction. Existing manholes and storm sewer pipe will be analyzed during final design and replaced as needed.

The existing street lighting from Mendota Road to Wentworth Avenue is proposed to be replaced with all new street lights along the entire length of Livingston Avenue.  The new street lighting is proposed to be of similar style as the new street lighting used on the previous improvement projects. The new street lighting is proposed to be installed on the east side of the roadway from Mendota Rd. to Crusader Ave. and on the east side from Crusader Ave. to Marie Ave. Street lights will return to the east side from Marie Ave. to Wentworth Ave. The stretch of Livingston Ave. between Wentworth Ave. to Thompson Ave. will not have streetlights installed.

A 5-foot wide concrete sidewalk with approximately 5-foot boulevards is proposed to be placed on the east side of Livingston Ave. from Mendota Rd. to Crusader Ave, west side from Crusader Ave. to Marie Ave., and east side from Marie Ave. to Wentworth Ave. The stretch of Livingston Ave. between Wentworth Ave. to Thompson Ave. will not have sidewalk installed. The sidewalk location follows the City map for planned future sidewalk installations and design will follow the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The concrete sidewalk will provide residents an opportunity to use off-road forms of transportation and will enable a more active lifestyle.  The sidewalk will provide users a safer environment compared to the current on-road way.  The proposed sidewalk will provide connections to existing sidewalks at Wentworth Avenue, connections to proposed and future sidewalks at Kraft Road, and future sidewalk connections at Marie Avenue.


Ross Beckwith, PE

City Engineer/Parks and Public Works Director