Street Parking Rules

To learn about State parking restrictions, visit MN Statute 169.34 PROHIBITIONS; STOPPING, PARKING
To learn about City parking restrictions, visit West St. Paul Ordinance CHAPTER 72: PARKING REGULATIONS

We encourage drivers to use the following tips to reduce the risk of ticketing.

  1. Pay attention to posted parking signs. Do not park in illegal areas. Choose a different space if you’re unsure if you are parked legally.
  2. Know the areas where you can and cannot park based on laws – which may not have a sign – like fire hydrants, intersections, crosswalks, and more.
  3. Use your car to help measure the distance visually - Most cars are between 18-20 feet long. Use a car for a helpful visual reference to know how much space you need to park legally.

Stop Sign-412x412

30 Feet from Stop Signs, Yield Signs, and Traffic Lights

Marked Xwalk-412x412

20 Feet from Crosswalks


10 Feet from Fire Hydrants


30 Feet from Intersections

Unmarked Xwalk-412x412

20 Feet from unmarked crosswalks


5 Feet from Driveways


80 Feet from Bus Stops

Parking photos courtesy of City of St. Paul.