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Our police department's Recruitment and Retention Committee plays a vital role in shaping the composition and effectiveness of its law enforcement workforce. This committee is responsible for developing strategies to attract qualified and diverse candidates to join the police force. We work on designing recruitment campaigns, organizing job fairs, and establishing partnerships with educational institutions and community organizations to reach potential candidates. 

Simultaneously, the committee addresses the critical issue of retaining experienced officers. We analyze factors contributing to attrition, such as burnout and work-related stress, and devise policies and programs to enhance job satisfaction and promote long-term career development within the department. 

Ultimately, the Recruitment and Retention Committee serves as a bridge between the police department and its community, striving to create a capable and diverse force while ensuring its members are motivated and committed to the values of public service and safety.

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The Recruitment Team consists of sworn and civilian staff who are dedicated to providing applicants with information to assist them with their goal to become a West St. Paul Police Officer.   

For more information regarding sworn or non-sworn positions, contact Sgt. Tim Sewald at or 651-983-2631.