2023 Bernard Street Reconstruction Project

Bernard Street Reconstruction November 8 Open House Boards

Bernard Street Improvements - North Sidewalk
Bernard Street Improvements - South Sidewalk
Tree Condition Assessment
What's Under My Sidewalk Graphic

The City of West St. Paul is proposing to reconstruct Bernard Street from Oakdale Avenue to Waterloo Avenue in 2025. This project was slated for a 2028 reconstruction but was moved up due to additional funding being made available. In accordance with the city’s Public Improvement and Special Assessment Policy, a portion of the project costs will be assessed to property owners within the corridor. This project will include a complete reconstruction of the road, replacement of the existing sidewalk, new curb and gutter, aprons, storm sewer improvements, sanitary sewer improvements, and water main replacement. A new sidewalk is proposed to be constructed on either the north or south side of the corridor, from Sperl Street to Waterloo Avenue.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please reach out to Cody Joos at (651) 552-4131, or by email at cjoos@wspmn.gov.