Park System Plan

Park Systems Plan

Park System Plan Update: To help guide the growth, development, and management of our parks system and recreational programming, the City of West St. Paul is creating a new Parks and Recreation System Plan. The existing systems plan was completed in 2000, and with shifting priorities, demographics, issues, and opportunities, this new modern plan presents us with the opportunity to assess needs holistically and lay out a vision and roadmap for the next 15 years.

Project Timeline

Phase 1: Understand and Engage (Spring 2023)
The project team assessed the existing parks and recreation system, studied existing conditions, and learned about needs, assets, and concerns from the community and city leaders.

Phase 2: Envision and Engage (Summer 2023)
Through in-person and online engagements, the community shared their vision and priorities for the future of the park system. Building upon the information gathered in Phase 1, the project team began assembling a set of themes, guiding principles, and vision to drive change and improvement.

Phase 3: Act (Fall-Winter 2023/2024)
This phase of the project will take information from previous phases and develop a plan that outlines how, when, where, and with whom steps can be taken to act upon the community’s vision.

Phase 4: Adopt (Winter-Spring 2024)
A draft of the plan will be shared with the community for a final round of input and revision. Various city committees will review the plan before final action and adoption by the City Council.

Phase 5: Implementation (2024-2039)
Once adopted, the Park System Plan will guide the Parks Department's actions, projects, operations, and decision-making. As circumstances change, the city may periodically update the plan.

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Existing Park System Plan

The City's existing Park System Plan was adopted in 2000.

West St. Paul Park System Plan 2000