How much should I expect my water bill to be per quarter?
Your water bill consists of water and sewer usage charges, which are measured by unit.( A unit is 100 cubic feet of water, or 748 gallons). Your bill also includes a water service base fee, (based on water meter size) and a ROW fee for Saint Paul property owners.

Depending on where you live, other service areas might also include city charges for storm water management or storm sewers, sanitary sewers, recycling, street lighting, water/hydrant charges, or other surcharges.

These charges are determined by each individual city council and questions about these rates can be addressed by the city in which you live. Their phone number appears on the back of your bill. Please check your bill for information on water and sewer rates if you live in one of our other service areas.

Once a year, during the October - December billing period, a fee of $6.36 is added. This fee goes to the Minnesota Department of Health to test public water supplies as mandated by the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

View the explanation of water charges.

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