2040 Comprehensive Plan

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan provides an opportunity to establish a vision for how the community will grow and develop over the next 20 years and is intended to be reflective of the desires of the entire community. It analyzes various topics related to development including land use, housing and neighborhoods, economic development, transportation, utilities, and parks & trails, among others. This plan aims to build off of the goals and policies identified in the 2030 Comprehensive Plan so that momentum may be continued.

Minnesota Statute requires that cities within the 7‐county St. Paul/Minneapolis metropolitan area update their comprehensive plans every ten years. Comprehensive plans are reviewed by the Metropolitan Council, which is responsible for managing and planning for the growth of the Twin Cities region. The purpose of the update is to ensure that local plans are consistent with forecasts and policy plans prepared by the Metropolitan Council. In addition, regularly updating the comprehensive plan allows for communities to adjust their goals based on emerging trends and changing demographic needs.

A comprehensive plan does not ensure any change by itself. It must be implemented on a daily basis by elected officials, commission members, city staff and other stakeholders. The plan is intended to inform decision making related to official controls, such as the zoning and subdivision ordinances, as well as guide future investment through the capital improvement plan (CIP). As such, it is an important document in shaping the city’s future and should be referenced regularly.

Download the 2040 Comprehensive Plan here! (47MB)