Smith Ave. / Dodd Rd. Small Area Plan

The Smith Dodd area is not only a gateway to the City of West St. Paul, but also Dakota County. The mixed-use area provides a combination of retail, restaurant, services, single-family and multi-family residences.  The intersection of Smith Avenue and Annapolis was once the terminus for a St. Paul streetcar line which is evident by the existing land use and architecture at that intersection.  

Realizing the historical and current importance of this area, the City of West St. Paul and the City of St. Paul joined in a collaborative effort in 2010/2011 to develop the Smith Avenue Revitalization Plan.  The Plan focused on the Smith Avenue corridor from the High Bridge in St. Paul to the Dodd Avenue in West St. Paul.  The Plan provides a broad range of recommendations for the corridor including community character, commercial vitality, land use, transportation, parks and recreation, housing, historic preservation, and implementation. 

In 2016/2017 the City of West St. Paul developed a small area plan for the Smith Dodd area.  The purpose of the Smith/Dodd Small Area Plan was to expand on the recommendations provided in the Smith Avenue Revitalization Plan in order to guide future redevelopment efforts in the study area.  The Plan includes specific recommendations for future land use, streetscape and architectural improvements, as well as re-alignment options for the Smith/Dodd intersection. 

View the Smith/Dodd Small Area Plan here!