Rental Renewal Schedule

The new 12-month renewal calendar has been established and is available for viewing.

2016-2017 Rental Renewal Schedule

Please see the link above to view your property’s next renewal date(s) and number of inspections required.   The listed renewal date(s) will be your new renewal date moving forward. The City will now be emailing renewal reminders two months prior to your renewal date informing each property owner of the specific units requiring inspection. Each property owner will be required to schedule and complete all inspections with the City ahead of their respective renewal date.

 Remember, 4+ unit rentals require 25% of the building to be inspected each year
 Rentals with 1-3 units must have all units inspected once every three years

If you have any questions pertaining to your property’s renewal date and/or see any errors pertaining to your property (i.e. property not listed) please contact the Community Development Coordinator at 651-552-4144.